Silicon is a chemical element with a symbol “Si” and an atomic number of 14. It is a tetravalent metalloid, more reactive than germanium. The Metalloid is directly below it in the periodic table. Controversy about silicon’s character dates to its discovery.

From Crystal, quarts to silicon

Silicon is a kind of mineral but silicon that is present on earth is a result of fossilization of algae. This alga is formed from microorganisms and plankton, which live in freshwater. The phytoplankton lay in the seabed or parallel surface of the water and after a long period of time, become fossilize. After being fossilized the algae becomes clear glassy substance, which results in a clear and pure form of crystal. The mineral that has the most silicon is quarts, and even out of all quarts, only the ones with purity level of over 99% becomes clear and crystallized

Essential Mineral


Silicon is the main component of the earth's crust, is the substance to form soil and sand, stone, the earth, such as rocks. All the vegetables that cultivate will absorb silicon as their main source of fiber and is said to be third of the plants nutrient. The very fiber us human consume because “it’s good for us” and majority of what makes that fiber is silicon. Silicon broken down theoretically is an essential mineral to us humans. In the human body, the places that silicon exists are as followed; hair, nails, bone, muscle, kidney, liver, thymus, vascular system




Great Figures who spoke about the importance of silicon

In the 19th century, French microbiologist Louis Pasteur who was developing vaccine once said “Silicon will play a major role in the treatment for the world”

Also the noble prizewinner in 1939 for the study of sex hormone Adolf Butenandt of Germany said the following, “Whether it’s the ancient times or modern time’s silicon played a big role in the evolution of humans and it is without a doubt essential to each and one of us”

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