Silicon’s role in the human body

Human body absorbs small amount of silicon mainly from vegetables and absorb them as a fine source of nutrition.

Essential nutrient in Germany

Although the idea of silicon being used an essential nutrient is not so popular in Japan, in Germany, it is widely known as an essential source of nutrient and the popularity of silicon based supplement is still being sold rapidly. Germany, known for their advanced technology in medical studies, think of supplement as an essential asset to live a healthy life, a big difference in ideology compared to that of Japan. In Germany, not only modern medicine and modern medicine, Germany implements all sorts of medicinal value from herbs to Chinese medicine. Also the idea of healing or getting better during sickness is “if you can heal yourself with the surrounding objects, it is recommended to do so, if the situation gets worse, consult a doctor”

Food that are rich in silicon

Usually, silicon as nutrient, is being extracted when eaten foods. In this modern age where everyone is at a risk of “Life style related disease” it is highly recommended to consume foods that are rich in silicon. Food that are rich in silicon are as followed.

Seaweed Brown Rice Barley Anything related to Whole-Grain Beans like soy Burdock Parsley Radish Carrots Shellfish and many more.

It is highly recommended for human to take various food that are rich in silicon to live a healthy life.