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Water soluble silicon (UMO) comes in the form of liquid or powder. These material have been implemented in creating new form of health products and supplements. By fusing a small amount of UMO to an already existing product, the UMO acts as a catalyst which in results creating better and safer products.
If you have any question or would like to find out more about the manufacturing side of things, you can contact the company who are in association with APA Corp. Ltd.

Manufacturing of OEM product using UMO

Our OEM product are being distributed from over 200 sales companies. If you are looking to get into the OEM products of ours, we will handle the manufacturing, quote, and design to naming.

We strongly prohibit other companies from manufacturing any product using our material

Other Applications

■Anti-oxidation and bacteriostatic of food ■Senior friendly products
■Pet friendly supplements ■Fresh retention of processed marine food
■Extraction of Chinese medicine

Purchasing of the material

Here at APA Corp we only manufacture the material for UMO. The sales of the material are carried out by affiliated sales companies. Few times a year, the members from affiliated sales companies undergo a professional training here at the headquarters so they are always carrying out high knowledge and experience. We are here to help from the blending proposal to the sales of the manufactured products.