Facts regarding water soluble silicon (UMO)

■Success in dissolution of silicon
Silicon, some of the essential nutrients to us humans are mainly found in foods such as vegetables. Recently, you could only extract these silicons by actually eating foods, but we were able to extract silicon from crystals using both high end and safe methods.

■Various silicon bases consumables are in existence already
For 12 years so far, we have been fusing UMO with products such as foods and cosmetic products. In the recent years, these UMO infused products are gaining popularity.

■Safety and functionality been proven by data
Since UMO has been implemented in consumables, we have obtained substantial amount of data regarding functionality and safety. These data are being presented by the JMSIS (Japan Medical Science Institute of Silicon)

■More effect by super concentration
To lower the cost and gain more efficiency to all users, we are studying daily on how to make the most out of small doses from super concentration

■Variety using liquid and powder form
By introducing two types of UMO, liquid and powder, we can create various products and many more are in development.

1. Mix soil, rice bran, oil residue into a compost
2. Dilute our product with the ratio of 1:2000 and soak the soil, recommended dispersal duration is around 14 days
3. The soil absorbs the silicon acid and turns the soil more strong and viable for farming needs
4. Elongate the soil in a manner pictured above. The height of the soil should be around 20cm.

Agricultural Personnel’s

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