Application to livestock

 We have a 15,000ppm water soluble silicon that is used for farm livestock. With high concentration of silicon content, we were able to develop a water soluble silicon at a low cost for farming needs. Since it is being used to manufacture consumables for humans, it is completely safe to use for livestock needs.

Useful Effects

■Meat quality improvement (Data proven)
■Slowing down the bacteria’s in the body (Data proven)
■Odor Repulsing
■Fur Improvement

Material used and the uses

Product: Super concentrated water soluble silicon
Capacity: 20L
How to use: Dilute the substance to a ratio of 1:1000 and use for food and drinking liquid for livestock animals

Agricultural Personnel’s

If you are interested with our product please download the application form and FAX it to us
FAX: 0566-92-6258
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