About similar products

Similar products are being manufactured using different technology than here at APA Corp. These products are manufactured using extraction from vegetables using different mechanics, extraction from food additives.
Please be aware of the labels and data that is in stored within these similar products, here at APA Corp we use our long running experience in order to provide safe and healthy products to you.

OEM Certification

We manage the development all the way to manufacturing, with this being said, we prohibit the sales company to manufacture products with our name. Instead after the manufacturing is done and the shipment is stored to over 200 sales companies, we issue an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) certificate, so you can prevent yourself from buying false products.

UMO Products with OEM proof 

A sample of our OEM Certificate

1. OEM Certification

2. “This certificate is a proof that this product has been officially manufactured by APA Corp. Ltd. Using UMO (Water soluble Organosilicon) and is of OEM

3. Picture of the product

4. [Selling Agency]
Company: APA Corp. Ltd.
< Address:

5. [Certificate Author]
Company: APA Corp. Ltd.

6. [Certificate Issued]
September 27th 2015

Comparison of genuine UMO and similar products

The development, manufacturing and the extraction of UMO related products are only being worked on in Japan and nowhere else. There has been a case where the data from JMSIS has been falsely used in order to manufacture similar products.